Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Islam is the Religion of...?

Look at a map, scour a variety of news sources, consult a history book.

Wherever and whenever Islam is spreading (or trying to spread), note the dominant circumstance.

Hint; Islam is not a "religion of peace" -- 'never was, and becomes less so daily.

Like so many over-the-top authoritarian ideologies "with a mission," Islam feeds off the sense of weakness it sees in it's adversaries. Fifty years ago, a "bold move" by the middle eastern warrior cult would have been crushed in days, but that was before Jimmy Carter and other Western fools who have, in essence, told Islam, "your time has come. With a little effort and the loss of some 'martyrs' the world can be yours."

Islam is not a religion of peace, it's a political/religious ideology of oppression, cruelty, and violence -- it always has been. The fact that many of its followers are relatively benign does not diminish its danger.

The Jimmy Carter, Democrat, Euro-spineless approach to Jihad is the second greatest danger in the world today. The first is Islam itself.

(Take note the next time you hear of a Muslim proclaiming Islam to be a religion of peace and, in the same breath, stating their plan to kill anyone who sees it as otherwise)

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